thanksgiving 2013

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Happy belated Thanksgiving! My turkey day was swell, a bit hard to relax at first, but I got the hang of it. I had a busy few days at the cart prior to the official Turkey Day and I was closed the day of. I spent the holiday with my fiancé and his family who live in Indio (in the Coachella Valley). I drove out to meet them Thanksgiving morning and on the way I kept passing flower stands and people selling bouquets out of their trucks and every time I passed them I would get disappointed thinking I should have been open today! It was really bugging me! But no, I could not dwell on the sales that could have been, I needed to enjoy this day with family, and most importantly, food. I am thankful for the day of rest I had, but most of all, for my family, friends, business, and my dog. 


Here are some pictures that Jon Paul's sister, Tricia, shot of us. I am really bad at remembering to take pictures! But I figured since we both looked nice and Jon Paul had his camera on hand, why not? A serious "Christmas card" portrait, and some outtakes...


xo, the flower girl

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