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This past week I was asked to make 20 holiday arrangements and deliver them throughout the county to the homes of my customer's clients. They wanted something that, I'm re-wording here, slapped them in the face with Christmas. I am typically more into the "foraged / I just came back from a field of flowers and picked these for you" look and although these are polished and overtly festive, I dug them. And so did the receiving end. 

I'm not tryn' to bribe here, but last year a friend of mine bought a big arrangement full of his mom's favorite flowers and attached to it a gift certificate for a massage and gave it to her for Christmas. I thought this was thoughtful and unique. So if you are in a slump and really can't think of what to get someone and are probably gonna end up getting them a gift certificate last minute, why not make the presentation a bit more thoughtful?


xo, the flower girl

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