adventures in gift wrapping


This is the first holiday season that I have really gotten into gift wrapping. Maybe not so much that I set out to make pretty gifts that look tempting to open, but I just happened to have the supplies to do it. I used brown craft paper that I always have on hand because it's what I use to wrap all of the flower bouquets with, I used dollies that I use to label things around the cart, and finally, I used pearl acacia to add the finishing touches. I love pearl acacia for its gray/light green color and for its texture and shape. Plop it in a vase on its own (or like pictured above in a glass water pitcher) and let it do its thing. I also love that it doesn't wilt, it hardens when its no longer fresh keeping its color and shape which makes it even more perfect for d├ęcor purposes. Lastly, pearl acacia is much cheaper than other festive greens like holly and mistletoe. 

Remember to think outside the gift wrapping box and use any greens or flowers that please you! Happy holidays!

xo, the flower girl 

Natasha Stopke1 Comment