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So here it is! The first official post on the blog. And here is my story: I opened La Belle Bloom seven months ago (October 2 2012 is its birthdate) after searching high and low for a job that would get me in close contact, or at least within eyesight, of flowers. I was lucky enough to find temporary gigs, volunteer opportunities and some internships, but nothing permanent. I was a very busy gal because while I was trying to fulfill my dreams of becoming a florist I also held a full time job at a small Italian/grocery market in Little Italy. I began toying with the idea, mostly out of frustration, of selling flowers on my own. There were no florists in Little Italy and every time someone asked "Where can I get flowers around here?" I felt like I was kicked in the gut. That could be me! the little voice in my head yelled. That little voice was drowned out by my boyfriend's even louder voice saying that exact same thing, "That could be you!" paired with a really helpful book titled How to Own and Operate Your Own Flower Shop. He wasn't beating around the bush, he wanted me to pursue this. So eventually I got to work. That little idea turned into something much bigger... and it kept growing. The idea wouldn't let me sleep, it wouldn't let me think about anything else, it hogged entire conversations! After working out all of the quirks and details in my head, I finally came to the owners of the market I worked for, who also owned a coffee shop in the neighborhood, and asked if I could rent a small space on the patio of their coffee shop for a flower stand. They happily accepted my proposition and things smoothly fell into place from there. Two months later, after gathering all the necessary permits and the occasional hoop jumping, La Belle Bloom was born.

It was all possible because of the support and love I received from my friends and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Now here I am, or here we are, on this new journey! I am doing what I love and in the neighborhood that my heart calls home. 

xo, the flower girl.  



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