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rt Walk made its way into town a few weekends ago and I wanted to share a few pictures. My friend Amy set up her beautiful artwork on the coffee shop patio and brought the place to life! We both kept nodding to each other in approval saying "we make a good team" because our little corner was happenin'! The weather was on our side providing a sunny San Diego weekend, there was lots of yummy festival food, and, best of all, so much talent and art compressed into one place. All in all, a successful weekend! La Belle Bloom got its moments to shine because it was a popular prop for many mini photo shoots happening throughout the weekend (by photo shoots I mean flower-crazed teenage girls doing some cute poses for their iPhones).

If you didn't have a chance to catch Art Walk, there is always next year; good news is, it seems to get better every year!

xo, the flower girl


{photos courtesy of Amy Baca López}