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Father's Day is rapidly on its way! I feel horrible about saying this, but I usually don't remember about Father's Day until that very evening, in which I will rush to wake my dad up and apologize like crazy and offer to make him a sandwich or go to the store and buy him shampoo, or something, anything, to make it up. He will be half-asleep and not really in the mood for a sandwich or shampoo. This scene repeats itself on his birthday, sadly. 

My dad is amazing and has been so helpful to me in every which way possible since I was a youngster. He is the behind the scenes of La Belle Bloom, doing all of the heavy lifting and labor. He literally built the flower cart with his bare hands! (Wait, I lied, he might have been wearing gloves at certain points...)  He deserves all of the sandwiches and shampoos in the world. Love you dad!

You might be asking, why are there pictures of succulents instead of your dad? Well my dad is very camera shy, and he loves succulents, so in honor of him I will have succulents for sale on Father's Day! They are very dad-ish and so easy to take care of. And of course there will be flowers, men love flowers too! 

Sunday, June 16th. See you here at the cart! 


xo, the flower girl.  


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