my mother's wedding

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My mom's wedding was a few weekends ago and I wanted to share some photos of the lovely day. My mom looked beautiful, as always, but more so because she was just radiating with happiness. It was a very small and intimate ceremony with only about 40 guests. My mom and her husband  Jin (it feels weird typing that out, good weird) are bike junkies. They are a very sporty couple, but above all, they love mountain biking, so naturally the wedding took on a bike theme. They had their bikes next to the canopy they married under decorated with a basket-full of flowers, the ring bearers (I was one of them) held their helmets with the ring inside, and their cake was a mountain trail with a cute biking couple topper. It was a unique wedding and their style and taste were present in every detail of it. Being on flower duty was a very special task dear to my heart. Congratulations mom and Jin (you lucky man)!

xo, the flower girl.