recently pinning...


Here are some things I've been fancying on Pinterest lately that have gotten my brain juices flowing... 

First off, some floral inspiration! I would like to be more adventurous with the flowers and greens that I use in bouquets. Like fruit! I want to use fruit because if I don't end up selling all of it, I can always eat it. Also, most importantly you might argue, it looks beautiful in arrangements. Win, win.

photo from here.  


As I posted before, a New Year's resolution of mine is to begin a garden. I haven't started planting yet (just propagating a few veggies) because I want to map this out well. I keep daydreaming about potting sheds and greenhouses, and it's really not helping, but boy is it fun! I love how simple this one is, and it comes complete with a loaf of bread! Some fuel to keep gardening.

photo from here


Speaking of gardening, I am dying for some hollyhocks! I never see them at the flower market, so I am not sure if they don't do very well as cut flowers, or, my other theory is, the people who do grow them would rather keep them themselves, which makes more sense... Anyhow, if I do somehow manage to grow them, I promise to share. Did you hear that, hollyhocks?

photo from here


And finally, the cutest café in Mexico City. I would eventually love to open a café-flower shop and I have been swooning over this layout! I can just see it, café downstairs and flower shop upstairs. A fusion of my two favorite things in the sweetest way. I'll keep you posted on my progress (but you might have to wait a few years). 

photo from here

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xo, the flower girl