welcoming 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 was a great accomplishing year, it went by a little too fast for my preference, but I am so happy to report that my family and I have reached the end with good health. I have never made a New Year's resolution, or at least not seriously, but this year I have decided to commit myself to three simple resolutions that will prepare me for 2015.

number one; I will eat less meat, thereby forcing everyone in my home to eat less meat. I do the cooking in my house for my dad, fiancé, and little brother (when he's home on the weekends and on school breaks) and if they were dinosaurs they would be carnivores. Actually, let's just say they are  humans who like to eat a lot of meat. This resolution is not as simple as it sounds because I will have to research different recipes to cook that are vegetarian, filling, and have variety (my fiancé is the toughest meal judge). I am going to try to narrow it down to 2/3 meals a week with meat. I will try to outline weekly meal plans so that I don't have to just resort to pasta with chicken when I don't know what to cook.  And for myself, when cooking  for my own or ordering out in restaurants, I will go with the vegetarian options. 

number two; I will make and tend a fully functioning beginner's garden. I am going half veggies and half flowers. I have been dying to really get into gardening, especially since the home I live in has a huge backyard with plenty of gardening space. The soil, however, is horrible, so step number one is prepping it and getting it ready to hold actual live things and not just rocks and cigarette butts. I have a course of Agriculture 101 under my belt, as well as a Pinterest gardening board that keeps growing, so how hard can this be? (Stay tuned for a mega disaster). 

number three; read 30 books. I have made myself a very cute and appealing reading list, and seeing as how I love checking things off of any list, this should be really hard not to accomplish. 

Good luck to you with your resolutions! And may your 2014 be better than last year in every way that you would like it to be. 

xo, the flower girl


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