my mood, my season / spring 01


One of the (many, many) nice things about California is that our virtual lack of seasons allows us to have pretty much every flower year round! Well, unless of course it's a strictly seasonal flower like lilac, amaryllis, etc. But for the most part, anything we want, we get. Spoiled we are...

One of the (many, many) nice things about flowers is the mood that it sets for a room or ourselves. It really is magic! I want to introduce a little series I'd like to do on this blog called My Mood, My Season where I play with different flowers to give the feel of a different season, no matter the real season. 

We are currently mid-Winter, but I think I have waited long enough for Spring! I was really really craving it, so I decided to just make a little something that boosted my spirits and made it feel like Spring every time I looked at it. 

Ingredients include: lisianthus, snap dragon, hyacinth, poms, larksapur, delphinium, ranunculus, and alstromeria.

I gave the arrangement to my friend Erica to keep at her office and the little bouquet to a sweet woman named Lynn who gave me a pep talk about how to follow my dreams.

What season are you in the mood for?


xo, the flower girl