Le Menu / 2.24.14


The weekly La Belle Bloom menu! Here are some detailed shots of what I think is really special this week:


Here are some mini orange roses from a company called Eufloria that are not so mini. I love and trust these roses because they will not die until they expand and show off some. And look at the delphinium to the right, it is HUGE! It is very hard to appreciate how truly magical it is through a crappy iPhone picture, but man, it is really something... This is called hybrid delphinium, or as I like to call it and will propose as the official Latin name, "delphinium on crack."


To the left is feverfew and it is just so darn cute and smells like chamomile! I got a really good batch because each stem has like a bajillion blooms (that's a rough estimate). Also available are some really pretty violet/pink delicious smelling freesia. 


To the left is some rice flower that has tiny light pink balls that the ends of the stem that look like tightly closed mini blooms. I also love the name because it makes me crave white rice (you know what I'm having for lunch today...) And to the right are some beautiful and very large white snap dragons. I wouldn't pair these with anything, just plop them in a tall vase and voila!

Come by and do your thang*!

xo, the flower girl


*by thang I mean make yourself a pretty bouquet. 

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