Recently Pinning...

I am still dreaming up the perfect workspace. This greenhouse comes complete with an office nook! What?? I need this in my life.

photo from here.

As a person who makes a living off working with flowers, it's not quite right to say "I hate these/those flowers!" it's proper florist etiquette... I think. I openly admit though, that I really dislike anthuriums (the alien looking flowers on the top left), but I saw this combination and WOW! I was really blown away with this bouquet. All tied together with a pink satin bow, perfection. 

photo from here.

Now, I pinned this not because of the whole kitchen, but because of that sink. Look at that beautiful piece of work... The kitchen is cute, but the sink really steals the show. Odd confession, but this picture really sent me into a sink obsession. I feel like if I owned this particular one, I would do dishes more often (hear that future husband? Get me this sink).

photo from here

Lastly, I am really craving these Vietnamese spring rolls, but I don't want to make them... this is quite a dilemma. 

photo (& recipe) from here

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