tid bits from the week / 02


Here are some mini snapshots from the week.

one: some foraged goods for sale at the cart last week along with some spring favorites.

two: I bought a BIG box of strawberries from the back of somebody's truck at the Home Depot parking lot. Sketchy... yes. Delicious... yes. My friend Shayna and I decided to make a batch of fresas con crema which consists of: strawberries, sugar, and Mexican sour cream. Also, love. Delicioso!

three: I shared a picture on Instagram of what my car looks like on the daily. It smells great, but it's cramped and probably not very safe. 

four: a big birthday bouquet for someone's momma. How sweeeeeeeet! And these tulips are insane, they look like monster tulips who eat other tulips to make themselves more beautiful, and it works.

five: Jon Paul and I went on a little adventure on Saturday to Indio (in the Coachella Valley) and then to Julian. Pierre had so much fun running around and digging on our pit stop in Anza Valley. 

xo, the flower girl