Tid Bits From the Week / 04

greens 3 (1 of 1).jpg

Here I am to share some itty bitty tid bits from the past few days...

one: I was ultra digging these sunflowers, spirea, and, as I like to call them, purple berry things. Also, I finally got some sandals (it's a big deal) and I secretly wanted to show them off. 

two: Natasha, always lurking around the cart for something she likes, and this time it was these coral peonies. She spent her lunch money on them... flowers instead of food. It's a great diet!

three: Flowers produce the prettiest scraps! My dahlias and tea roses were shedding and I realized that for my wedding, instead of rose petals, I want a bunch of different colored flower scraps thrown at my face. 

four: He is such a good assistant! His duties include: listening to me talk to myself while I work, chewing up any stems I cut and toss at him, scratching, looking adorable, and doing my taxes. 

'Till the next tid of bits!

xo, the flower girl.