Recently Pinning...

Here we are again! A round up of my latest obsessions/desires/wants/needs/craves… you get it. 

I have been yearning to go camping for two years now! And this year I say "Enough! Enough with the yearning…" For my birthday (October 9th, I will be accepting any and all gifts at the cart throughout the day) I have vowed to go camping as a birthday present to myself. 

photo from here

Hello, and welcome to my urban garden… in 20 years. This is amazing! But quick question, how am I supposed to water these? I'm only 5'3" for goodness sake!

photo from here

Dahlia season is here! I'm on the look out on how to pair them and the possibilities are endless. These bouquets are lovely, all of these colors blend so well together, who knew!?

they did, photo from here


I started a new little board called Florist Uniform, because yes, it exists. Or at least, in my head it does… I don't always follow my own dress code as to how to dress to go to work (functional, but very cute) but I feel like the ideal flower girl should be dressed as pictured above. It's part of the package!

photo from here

'Till my next midnight pinning binge! 

xo, the flower girl