Tid Bits From The Week / 06


I am so happy to report that I survived this weekend! I had the biggest wedding/job I've ever had to do, and I was honestly a little over my head, but everything turned out so great! I'll share more pictures of that soon! Leading up to it though, this is what I've been up to...

one; I'm not really into orchids, but I found this cute little guy at Home Depot. I bought this little terra cotta pot to put my cut herbs into and I had leftover moss from past projects. I am so pleased at how well they all go together!

two; a birthday bouquet delivery from last week. I can't get enough of dahlias! The birthday girl really liked them too.

three; I got garden roses on sale. They remind me so much of peonies and they smell delicious! This day I was wearing my gingham print skirt and the combo of the two just made me feel like I should be in Paris. Actually, I feel like that a lot… 

four; his evil little glare. He doesn't really like posing for pictures… Too bad he was made so darn cute!! Get over it, Pierre. 

five; arrangements for a custom built wedding arch. I really liked working on these pieces. More pictures of this wedding coming soon!

six; a happy retirement bouquet. The woman who received it came to the stand the next day and thanked me for her flowers, I though that was so sweet of her. I'm so happy she liked them! And jealous that she gets to be retired… When is it my turn??

xo, the flower girl