Being Transparent


I would like to share a not so pretty piece of my life today. I feel like I've been pretty absent at the shop, closing early here, opening late there and worst of all, just not opening. I want to explain myself to you if you have been affected by this or if I have caused you any kind of inconvenience...

Last week my father was kicked out of the country by immigration. He has lived here for over 20 years and has done nothing but work and simply be, which is why I never thought of the impending danger of ICE showing up at our home at 6 in the morning to take him away in nothing but his clothes (and thank God he was wearing them, because they are not below taking someone in nothing but their underwear). And so it began, running around to find a lawyer and hoping they wouldn't  take him out of the US before we could get to him. Unfortunately though, they did take him to the border and released him into Tijuana, all without his written consent. 

After that day settled, I realized I was not going to be able to keep my home because I couldn't afford it, so I soon got to packing up all of our belongings and trying to figure where I was going I stay. I am so so fortunate to have family and friends who were willing to accommodate their already full homes to make space for Pierre (my pup) and I.  In the end though (and by end I mean just last night) I was able to find a roommate who didn't mind sharing such a tiny home with me! 

Stuff on my end is working out pretty well and I'm hoping that our lawyer calls back in two months with good news about my dad's case!  

I am really sorry about not being so quick to respond to emails and phone calls lately, and for the odd cart hours, but please know that now that things have smoothed out a bit, I will be back to my regular kick-ass mode!  

Please send your prayers and good thoughts our way! A big hug and thanks to you, reader/customer! 

xo, the flower girl