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Camping, yes, camping. This year I said "I want to go to San Francisco and I want to go to Yosemite," and so far neither have happened. I have really, really wanted to go camping for the past few years but things just haven't lined up nicely enough for such a time consuming trip to Yosemite. Maybe I'll keep it light and do some campgrounds near the Coachella Valley now that it's cooling off there...

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Tortillas are actually always on my mind, not just recently. I LOVE corn tortillas, especially handmade ones (duh). Here is a picture and list of all the possibilities, yum!! Short anecdote, I wasn't always the biggest tortilla fan because my grandma used to make me and my cousins eat tortillas with everything, like everything. In her mind it wasn't a full, well rounded meal unless we had at least two tortillas. I couldn't have a simple bowl of cup noodle soup or even Kraft mac n cheese without out our version of tug of war *tortilla in the mouth, tortilla out of the mouth, tortilla crumpled in my pocket for later tossing into the toilet on my one potty break from the table* I am very happy I can appreciate tortillas now. 

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I wish I was so well put together all the time, but I like sleep and my coffee run to Golden Donut in the mornings is mandatory. So for now, a cute outfit and nice hair-do once a week will have to do. Hopefully you have the luck of catching me on those days! (because if not, it's not pretty *sweaty, nervous emoji*)

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My coffee / florist / nursery shop fantasy continues… *insert dreamy harp song* I love how the plants are incorporated into this coffee shop. Not sure if they are for sale at this location or they are just décor, but in my shop they would be! It would be encouraged, actually ;)

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xo, the flower girl