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In commemoration of my upcoming trip, here is a little Mexico inspired round up of things I wish I was making/wearing/eating, but am too lazy/broke to. 

This reception area looks like quite a production, but so so amazing. I love the terra cotta planters, the colors, the hanging. Really a dose of inspiration!

photo from here

This is totally Frida 2015, am I right? I tried the head scarf thing, I just can't pull it off… Kudos to this chick and Frida herself. 

photo (and dress) from here

Even if I found this while traveling through MX, there is no way I could bring this back with me… it's HUGE. But oh so cool. Pierre and I would cuddle up on this all the time! (Or I would cuddle while he tried to escape.)

photo from here.

Mexican food. That is all.

photo (and recipe) from here

Growing more and more excited for my trip! A little more than two weeks left before we're off. Wahoo!

xo, the flower girl

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