Tid Bits From The Week / 12

We all know this isn't just one week right? These are a collection of pictures spanning from about a month ago to this very morning!

one; I really like urns! I'll take any excuse to embellish them with some pretty flowers!

two; Faith roses, my favorite kind of pink rose. They are so lovely and have never disappointed. They always open big and fat to reveal their center!

three; Art Walk was a few weeks ago and I buy one piece every year. This was this year's piece from a wire bending artist whose name escapes me! Sorry wire bending dude, you deserve all the credit, I promise to update once I remember his name...

four; I used to have a bright blue Schwinn road bike with red stripes, but it got stolen about a year ago (RIP Scwhinn and thanks for all the good times). Now that I live in a neighborhood that is bike friendly, it was time for a new baby, and this is her! Nishi is her name. 

five; long drives with these two. Pierre is such a daddy's boy...

six; we got Pierre neutered in Tijuana, it was an all day thing, in which Pierre was held at the vet and Jon Paul and I had no choice but to surrender our day to this beautiful city. We spent it by the beach in a little cafĂ© and had tacos for lunch. 

seven; I can splurge on dainty flowers on cold weeks and this was one of those weeks!

eight; made dinner for my mom (actually she did because the kitchen is her territory and she is not capable of surrendering her stove to anybody!) on Mother's Day. So thankful to her for the hard work ethic she passed on and her never-ending support <3

nine; wedding bouquets. Wedding season is upon us (shout to all the peeps in the wedding industry!) and it's go go go time!

ten; corals and greens. 

Till next time my flower friends!

xo, the flower girl