LBB Flower Delivery Expanding

I have great news and maybe not so great news? (But it really isn't too bad!)

Beginning this June, La Belle Bloom will be extending its delivery zone! I will be partnering up with the guys from Courier Collective for this awesome opportunity. Remember I was only offering delivery in the Little Italy / Downtown area? I would like to say "hello!" to these new zones: 

Zone 1: Downtown. East Village, Little Italy, Gaslamp

Zone 2: Bankers Hill, Airport, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, Golden Hill, Barrio Logan

Zone 3: Old Town, Mission Hills, University Heights, Normal Heights, North Park, South Park

Now, this does come at a small price, and that is a delivery fee of $8. (That was the not so great news…) But hey, it was about time. I HATED leaving the stand to make deliveries, because that usually meant I either kept someone waiting at the stand, or they would just leave! Big big bummer for me.

I am so glad to offer services to these areas now! And to work with another small business. If you are not from San Diego, and these neighborhood names mean nothing to you, please look at the map on the Courier Collective site.

xo, the flower girl

photo from here