Tid Bits From The Week / 14

Hi again, 

Here's more stuff to stimulate the visual senses… Oooohhh

one; these colors tickle my fancy (I hope that doesn't mean anything gross, I just mean I like them). And these pepper tree leaves complete everything!

two; I cleaned my room and treated myself to peonies I would have otherwise sold. As they say, "Treat yo' self."

three; bridal bouquet with cafe au laits, garden roses, rosemary, eucalyptus, and some other goodies!

four; finding excuses to take a picture because I love my outfit… no shame!

five; wedding bouquet from this Saturday. More cafe aul laits! I really liked this, it was like tropical meets soft/feminine. 

six; a garland with pretty blush bows to enhance a beautiful sign made by the bride and her ladies. 

seven; maid of honor bouquet with blues, whites, grays, and blush. 

eight; more cafes! *insert shy emoji* I promise I'll stop using them when they go out season and make it impossible, but till then… muahaha!

Till next time friends!

xo, the flower girl