Recently Pinning...

Hello there! Here's a round up of stuff I've been eyeing recently...

Next step after a flower cart you ask? A flower stand! With a refrigerator (!!!). And AC (!!!!). I hate how much having an outdoor cart limits what I can have in stock. I am at the mercy of the weather, hopefully not forever.

photo from here

When I have a house in Mexico City, this is what a corner of my courtyard will look like. I make these definitive statements because I am determined to make it happen. I also think Pierre will look great as a rooftop guard dog. (That's a little Mexico jokeā€¦ Everyone has a dog on their roof).

photo from here

This is so beautiful and inspiring and so different than what I normally do. I love Pinterest for showing me what other artists are doing and inspiring me to step outside my comfort zone and try new colors, flowers, shapes, moods, etc. 

photo from here


And to conclude, a super chic outfit. I've been taking a dance class for the past month called "Divas in Heels" (if you know me, it's very silly and odd, and totally out of place that I would take a dance class, even more so, a dance class with the word "diva" in it) and it's been getting me more in touch with my feminine side. As a result, my wardrobe interests have begun to change.

photo from here.  

xo, the flower girl.