Created to Create 2015


I want to invite all you fellow blog readers to a music and art show called Created to Create (think a mini Christian Coachella Fest...) Jon Paul, my boyfriend, is the creator of this event and is doing such a fabulous job putting it together, with the help of a handful of awesome people, myself included ;) His idea was this: there are so many fun secular gatherings in which people display their work, play their music, make cool crafts, why couldn't the Christian community have the same? God did create us with many talents and gifts and with a desire for a creative outlet. Art can be a form of worship, and this is the core of Created to Create, to worship God with our artistic abilities! So, who's in?? 

Here are the details:  

Saturday, July 18th / 7pm / 8844 Painter Ave. Whittier, CA 90602 / $10 

xo, the flower girl  

p.s. It's in a super cool giant warehouse space, it's not a business or restaurant, so keep that in mind when looking for the location. Also, Whittier is like 30min south of LA.  

p.s.s. There won't be any preaching, or pastoring, or weird religious-y stuff. Just artsy people hanging out, so don't be discouraged by that!