Mexico City, Here I Come… / 02

I have nothing but good news on this post… I will be going to Mexico City to visit my family AND La Belle Bloom WILL remain open! Yay!! How you ask?! Sorcery? Can I duplicate myself? Can I telepathically travel? No, but close… My best flower friend Natasha will be there to run the stand. If you've been to the stand recently, I'm sure you've had the pleasure of having her make something beautiful for you! Here is the information you need to know:

I will be gone Monday, Jul 20 - Sunday, Jul 26 (one week)

LBB will continue with it's regular business hours: M-F / 10am-5pm

If you need to place an order for pick up or delivery, just call : (760) 468 - 9736

We will not be taking any wedding or event inquires for this week, but if you have emailed me regarding an event or wedding for the future, I will respond to your email the week I get back.

Thank you! I hope you welcome and treat Natasha kindly as you have always treated me :)

xo, the flower girl