Summer Solstice

As I mentioned a few blog posts ago, I was so kindly invited to a Summer Solstice lunch gathering with many other talented florists. Everything was beautifully set up, I felt like I was in a photo shoot… surprise! I was!

A very talented photographer with Green Wedding Shoes was there to capture the event. It was nice to meet all the talented florists I am currently working alongside in San Diego. There is so much talent here! I have to admit, my shy side got the best of me. It's very intimidating to be near the people who's work you admire and quite frankly, compare yourself to. How did I not come up with that? They were contacted to do this event an not me? How the heck did they get like 5k followers on Instagram?? You get the point… But hey! It's part of being in any creative biz! 

I digress to tell you to check out the original post here and look at what San Diego has to offer in the floral industry! You'll see why I was so intimidated ;)

xo, the flower girl 

photos from here