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Got Valentine's Day on my mind...

Much girl-ier than most things in my closet, but such a sweet Valentine date-night dress! Simple rose gold necklace and earrings, a strappy pair of nude mid-heels and voila! 

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Can you imagine a more romantic scene? I can just see Pierre there, between us, freezing his little shorts off… Ugh, I really need to go camping already!

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I've loved this washi tape and flowers look for a while, but haven't gotten a chance, or a reason, to make one… Maybe if you/I hosted a Valentine's party! So fitting!

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Why ceviche you ask? Well, it happens to be Jon Paul's favorite food, so it is the most romantic meal that I could possibly make! It's also romantic because you have to have so much patience to make it… Chop up the veggies really small (which I hate doing because it takes too long), peel the shrimp (ewww, and it takes forever!), squeeze a million lemons (ouch! My hands are usually all scraped up from branches and thorns), and then you have to let them sit for like an hour (no! I like instant gratification when it comes to food). Welp, I just talked myself out of making this, sorry Jon Paul!

photo (and recipe) from here

xo, the flower girl