long time-no post, I know...sorry!

Natasha, here....new owner and designer of L.B.B....

PHEEEWWWWWW....its been a long few weeks here at the studio...THE NEW STUDIO!!!! theres been painting, and re-stocking, and new refrigerators..OH MY!...if you havn't heard...our new location is 2034 India st. /across from Mona Lisa.....and its AWESOMMMMME! you have to come check it out! We will be offering the same walk in service we always have, fresh pre-arranged bouquets for a quick-grab, perfect little  bunch "o" tulips and other blooms ready to grace your dining tables with.  Starting this Monday, the 28th, we will be back up and running with our online orders!!! All the designs you know and love are ready to be sent to loved ones at a click of a button! I have missed you guys!! and Im so excited to get to create pretties for you again!  Cant wait to share the new space with you and catch up with old friends!


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