La Belle Bloom Floral Studio

So here is the even bigger news! La Belle Bloom will now become La Belle Bloom Floral Studio! That's right, we are getting a STUDIO! Instead of an outdoor flower cart (which I loved so so much), we will now have an indoor studio, so that means this:

-we will now be open rain or shine!

-we can now host workshops in our new space

-we will now carry plants, candles, and other fun pairings that go with flowers

-we will be able to offer more flower options

And many many more upsides to this new set up. We will still be in Little Italy, North Little Italy to be more exact. Here is the map of our new location:

989 W. Kalmia St. (entrance on Kettner Blvd.) / Across the street from the Kettner Art Studios

I am so psyched to make this space our own and really have the room to grow. The flower cart is near and dear to my heart, but it's time to grow and give our customers more options and just be more comfortable in our own space for the first time. 

I hope you dig this as much as  I do!

xo, the flower girl