Our Wedding Day

Hi there!

I have been MIA for quite some time now, about a month actually! AH! Here's what the happenings have been - planning our wedding in three weeks, actually getting married, a mini honeymoon, and jumping right back into work with an average of 2-3 weddings and events per week, so it has been cray cray to say the least… This week however has been so mellow and slow and I love it! It was much needed :)

Anywho, we just received our wedding pictures and I wanted to share them with you guys!

The large flower arrangement behind us are fake flowers and belong to the church. I didn't do anything for the church decor as the ceremony was only 30 min long. Here is our "you may kiss the bride moment!"

AS part of our ceremony we planted a peace lily together! I bought a plain terra cotta pot and wrote different scripture on it that I thought was appropriate to our marriage. Glad to report, it's still going strong!

As you may know, my dad was deported out of the country a couple of years ago, so I was very very sad that he would not be able to attend our wedding, but what we did do was FaceTime the whole day! My dad was so cute, he actually wore a suit and bought champagne to toast us all the way from Mexico City with the rest of my family there. So here we are, talking to him right after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we went to take pictures with our immediate families and of us of course! He's so handsome!! *heart eyes emoji*

The parents. Missing my dad of course!

untitled shoot-149.jpg

Each of us with our mommas <3

Reception time… We had our dinner reception at Alexander's on 30th. Have you tried this restaurant? It's so cute and delicious! Our amazing and delicious cake is form 350 Bakes. As our guest sign in, I just had people take a polaroid selfie and say something nice! I love what we got back. 

We got candles from Often Wander as our gift favors! Everyone loved them. We sell her candles at the studio too!

My three best friends in one frame, I love this! And them!

Natasha got the speeches rolling… She was so proud that she was the first one to go, and to this day she will not shut up about it! haha Now I HAVE to give the first speech at her wedding. She's not even dating and I'm already nervous!

Both our best friends went up together (because Laura was too scared to go alone) and made a speech. It was very cute. 

Jon Paul pulled an erotic poem from the bible (here) and read it to me in front of our friends and family, definitely the highlight of my night. Ha! 


Annndddddd since Jon Paul and I didn't want to smear cake on each other's faces, my brother proved to be the perfect substitute ;) How cute is he?

Those are the little snippets from our wedding day! It was seriously such a great day. We kept it simple and light, and as stress free as possible. Even if you are the kind of bride who stresses about details and tries managing every aspect of the day, honestly, the day of your wedding, you'll be enjoying yourself so much, being in the moment with your new husband, family and friends, that the texture of the linens being too rough, the fact that wedding ceremony was pushed back an hour because the officiant was late (that actually did happen to us!), the roses were one shade of blush off, etc etc etc - will so not matter!! So I urge you brides-to-be to let go a little and not burden yourself with the stress of small details that will go unnoticed by everyone and even yourself the day of your wedding! From one bride to another ;)

xo, the flower girl

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